Neocash is one of the latest additions by Neopets to their online game. Despite the Neocash controversy that occurred initially upon release, it slowly became accepted and people have begun to embrace the idea of enhancing their Neopets experience. Unfortunately for the rest of us, some of us don’t have a lot of money that we can just drop on an online game (as much as we really want Neocash), so we must look for alternatives.

 This site is devoted to helping you do just that, various ways to get Neocash for free, without having to pay at all. Its not nearly as simple as giving Neopets or Paypal your credit card number, no — but it works just the same. Money is money after all. We hope that our creative and innovative ideas to help you get Neocash to make your game experience the most enjoyable one possible, help to inspire you. Even if the items you buy with the Neocash are only temporary. Admit it, you really want some :) .

Use the Navigation on the right hand side of your screen to check out all of our Neocash related content for ideas and innovative methods. We will use our game play experience and all of the information that we have to make it as easy for you as possible! If you are instead interested in getting neopoints (and not neocash), you can buy neopoints from our friends over at! If you happen to play Pokemon Go, we’d recommend visiting, the cheapest website to buy Pokemon GO accounts!